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Payroll, Taxes, and Compliance

growing your business and increasing profitability

Payroll, Taxes, and Compliance

While the happiness, growth, and profitability of your employees is important, it is equally imperative that your organization implements first-rate payroll and tax administration policies. Argent offers a full suite of payroll and tax administration services and expertise that allows you to focus on work that furthers the profitability and growth of your organization.

Payroll and tax administration is time-consuming. We provide accurate and punctual payroll and tax administration services which will allow your organization to focus on growing your business and increasing profitability instead of worrying about the payroll. Our specialists are experts in all areas of human resources and bring their expertise in payroll, payroll taxes, wages, employee benefits, and legal and regulatory restrictions to provide a comprehensive approach to successfully managing your payroll and tax administration services.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

It is imperative that your organization comply with all local, state, and federal regulations. Intentional or even accidental violation of employment rules, laws, and regulations can cost your organization time and money and keep you tied up in legal battles for years. We identify the laws and regulations that pertain to your organization and provide you with the expertise required in order to remain compliant. The following are just a few of the laws and regulations that we will assist your organization with reaching complete compliance with:


Title VII

   Payroll and Tax Administration Services

Payroll and Tax Administration Services

We provide the expertise required for you to remain compliant

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